Thursday, June 23, 2011


so i've bagged up my armory display and moved the figure diorama props i had lying around there instead:

here's half of it.

and here's the other half.

admittedly it's in a state of disrepair, mostly with it  being right next to where i do most of my custom work. months of humidity takes its toll on cardbacked printed backgrounds out in the open. but i like to shuffle things around. 

same old television.

same old (mostly) stocked refridgerator.
same old chairs and tables.
same old slot machine and papercraft drinks vendo.
i like tiny props that go along with my figures, there's something about miniature scaled accessories that appeal to me, maybe it's in the way they give more to the character to my figures, or how they can tell a story when paired up with a figure.

on a side note, i did a minor mod (leg swap, male microman thighs to female microman knees and hips) for chun-li here. i  like the new legs. i think it's closer to the physique of chun-li anyway. she never had dainty stock microlady thighs. she had gazelle killing thighs.

now to look for a replacement gahsapon/trading figure head to make her look perfect.

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