Sunday, June 26, 2011


please excuse this post's title. cheesiness aside i did find the subject of this entry fun to build, and quite surprised at how motivated i was to finish the OOB (out of the box build) of the HG Gunpla Builders series Bearguy kit. 

sorry for the mess.

i won't go into detail about this thing, since it's all pretty straightforward in terms of build i didn't even bother painting it (i'll tell you in a while) and just went and cleaned up the sprue marks as i went along, replacing the monoeye with a scratchbuilt one made from styrene and a sticker bead because i lost the original one from the kit...damn thing was small and easy to lose

. as you can tell it's a retool of the HGUC Acguy mobile suit, its adorability magnified a hundredfold, by being turned into a robotic teddy bear (genius, really). it's actually what made me choose it  over the HGGF Nobel Gundam, which was much, much cheaper in price.

instruction/box art and mobile suit profile... in moon runes, of course.

more images of the completed model. 
normally i'm more into BB senshi/ SD gundam kits because,
  1. i LOVE SD gundams, they're cute and expressive kits
  2. they're fun to build and paint
  3. i'm a poorfag. 
ignoring #3, Bearguy shares the preceeding qualities (the aforementioned bear aesthetics and a moving mouth), even having expressive alternate eye stickers to boot! but i won't use them. and it also has all the fun you can get from HG kits, such as a moderately engaging build, excellent range of motion and poseability as well as accessory parts (which, i've been told the original Acguy also had but had the bad habit of having really tight and consequently fragile arms... an issue not fixed in this release so be careful).

cue overflow of mecha pedobear customs from Japan.

and then you get something like this which you would expect from an MG kit:

the limbs actually incorporate a frame underneath (due to the stocky design of Acguy itself, and to avoid making a hollow, floppy kit).  which is detailed on its own and hides the armor mounting grooves quite nicely.

FUCK that looks nice. 
it also comes with themed accessories like a schoolbag/ missile rack, and a "beam recorder" which sadly, it can't hold without modifications. other figures can hold it though. 

i'm still surprised i finished this before my old HGUC Zaku kit (which i'll probably post about soon), but again: adorable robot bear. 

i've mentioned-or lazily implied- in a previous post that i want to customize it, which is why i didn't paint it as it looks on the box art.  intend to turn this bearguy into a street fighter themed custom, modeled after Guile so yes. in the future there will be a post about Guilebear. and most likely a link will be added here for convenience.

is it worth it? yes. it sates the craving to build something rather well. should i buy it? yes! but don't expect something phenomenal like an MG. take this kit as it is, a quirky, fun, build-it-on-the-side kind of kit.

overall i'm pretty satisfied with this kit, it's solid, if rather too tight in the joints, easy to complete and looks satisfactory without paint or modifications and displays well on it's own. the only thing that i don't enjoy is the pricing, 1,020 pesos or  $23 which is more of a personal thing. but hey if you can afford this get it! it's something i'd give as a gift to a gunpla enthusiast or beginner (as the series it comes from implies), and something you could buy for an otaku significant other of yours. 

ehs a pretty cool bearguy. he kawaii uguu and doesnt afraid of anything.

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