Thursday, November 12, 2009

a kit as old as me.

so i bought this thing yesterday. seemed like a good price for something old--19 years old to be exact.
when i started out on it i saw some construction techniques that are standard fare compared to today's gunpla (specifically within the 1/44 HG or the gundam wing series of kits up to Turn A), but perhaps something revolutionary during the time.  the closest comparison to the build of this kit that i can make with something fairly recent is the GM Sniper kit (1/144 HG) from the series 80th MS team.

of the features, it had the pre-standardized polycap(PC)  sprue that had the  standard from PC-A to  PC-E. multi-color part sprues,  ball joint construction, clear part (the visor), some decals.

but as conventional as this is is the G-Cannon kit from MS Gundam F91 still had a lot of flaws to address, such as a lot of mold flash that needed to be cleaned up, and a lot of parts had an uneven fit. i needed to sand a lot of places and fill some really hard seams.

it's small for a 1/100 kit but since F91's all about compact Mobile weapons i get the logic. this is how it's supposed to look:


still i don't plan to follow the model to the letter and decided to try my hand at modification with Styrene sheet. i used 5mm High Impact sheet from Devoir and made extensions to the front skirt, and added armor plating to the front  of the upper torso as seen in detail below:


i 'm still undecided if i'll add some plating to the shoulder armor but i'll probably know once i finish filling up the initial seams and gaps and give it its first coat of primer.

aside from that it only has the face carved up to make it distinct a bit, modding the side of the shins to be flush, one antenna on the head and one chain gun. if i ever find a F90 kit that has some spare guns i'll probably get rid of the mounted chaingun and just go with that, then i'll look for a good colorscheme, maybe a tankish green or something like an urgan grey. i'm undecided yet.

basically this will end up looking a lot like a GM unit but i am really fond of those mass production designs. a personal favorite is the GM Quel. i've yet to get one but maybe in the future, who knows?

that's all fer' nao


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