Tuesday, November 10, 2009

the first day

well i'm officially back into the education system for my second semester of my current undergrad course... i never thought it would e so tiring. funny how my endurance has withered away into weak jelly in the weeks that i've laid back and worked, but no matter, school's only for five more weeks and that's plenty of time to gather momentum. once again i'm feeling i lack the energy and drive to do anything and boy is that ever so annoying. man, i never knew how many stuff i have that needs to be done, but that mountain is slowly growing faster than i can make time or space for it.and as much as i'd like to finish these things i find myself saying "meh". i've lost all my speed and worn myself out working on so many things at once that i never get anything done. well... at least the stuff i WANT done. that needs to change. i gotta plan my way out of this Procrastination hell i've driven myself to, and i figure the first step is choosing just one project and sticking with it to the end.

i've been too lax, and my output suffered. well, serious face on now.

i need commitment, and i need it now!

who knows what this week will bring?  whatever, i'll just charge blindly at it flailing my arms like i always do, but this time it'll all be coordinated.

seriousface: engage!


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