Friday, September 25, 2009

Superior Defender Update Gundamu

right, time for some updates:

first off, i began to glue the major pieces together and brought out some 300 grit and 1000 grit sandpaper to clean out the seam lines.

then i filled out the hollow gaps in the feet (see pic below) on the toes

then in the backs of the thighs...

but wait! i also want to talk about the new model stuff i bought these past few days, first off Mr. Cement but not the regular kind...

the lemony scented kind... for the lady modeler or simply the hobbyist with a sensitive nose :))

and some Mr Metal Color Chrome silver, for the Dry Brushing i'll be doing later on...

and today i just got some new lacquer spray paints for some of the colors i'm using on sonshoko, character flesh 1 and pearl red.

and it was a 2 for 300 deal! score!

so, back to the actual model, i did some priming on some parts, took a while to set cause of the crappy weather we've been having but it's going along smoothly (and painfully slow).

later peeps!

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