Friday, September 11, 2009

first post

oh god. another blog.

well it had to happen sometime. multiply feels just a bit to cramped so hey, work with new material right? so just a brief manifesto (God, do i even dare to use that word?) on what this blog will be about:

  • for those who know me, i'm a toy nut, specifically on robots, but mostly just transformers and sometimes zoids. i have some model kit building background but nothing spectacular or serious. hell i still don't know how to use an airbrush. i also like to make stuff of my own. in the past months i've began considering myself as a "radicon" or a term over at tfw2005 for the resident toy customizers. i've made a few stuff here and there and i guess it changes after a while. 2 years ago it was stikfas, last year it was zoids, this year it's transformers. i don't limit myself to that though sometimes i make photo-comics, take pics of stuff or post links to cooler stuff.
  • so this blog, from time to time will just be a creative outlet for me to post my crap and get pats on the back or some lulz. might not be here exactly since i cross-post on several boards and websites, but whatever works.
  • i WILL NOT POST FREQUENTLY, since i'm busy enough as it is, though it's not as if i have a big ass following.
  • enjoy the show.
here's some images to pass the time until the next post:

Eisen/ZiZi/MetalZi/Miko Matsing/Straxus

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