Tuesday, September 29, 2009

current stuff and little bro.

first thing's first, i almost missed out on teaching little bro how to prep and hand-paint plastic kits. basic stuff that up until now i'm still refining. was out re-packaging clothes for relief goods to the victims of Typhoon Ondoy, i'll post the pics up later. here's little bro doing his thing:

second thing is Project: Ma-Sa-Ru, a custom Musha SD i'm doing to make the most out of my Infantry GM kits. had to buy a BB 219 just for the frakkin sword. d'oh well, it'll end up as custom fodder sometime in the future...
Did the base head mod i did for the last GM, giving this guy a neck.
here is the base build...

and here's the badly written kanji... it's supposed to spell out Masaru, the custom's name. once read vertical on a huge circle, and read character-by-character on the three smaller circles.

working overtime to get this done so i can help out tomorrow, sort out my schedule, and help lil' bro do more gunpla!


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