Monday, May 19, 2014

Just a small victory.

The 2014 Gundam Model Kit Contest concluded today, and I'm happy to have taken home something for my efforts.

Ah, well. Didn't break into the top three this time around, although I still placed within the top 8 (came in at 5th place). Funnily, I had entered a Victory Gundam as an entry and won its upgrade, the Victory Two. Just thinking about that made me smile.

Anyway, I had a fun time today, Got to watch the last episode of Gundam Unicorn with new friends that I met on the internet, passed on some of my gunpla books to someone who I think will benefit from it (although the MOOK book, I might want to have back at some point lol). Got to catch up with some older hobby friends, got some good advice for future contest entries
 and overall had a nice Sunday out, and got something back for my hard work.

It complements my last Saturday out spent with my old friends, and had some laughs that were sorely missed, and apparently I forgot to write about (lol sorry guys)

I'll get to work on doing a full Gallery of my entries this year sometime in the week, and there was another project I was working on during the week before the awarding as well, for a group build, but I think I'l going to end up editing it a bit and taking new pictures before I post it up.

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