Wednesday, May 7, 2014

All Set

Just finished my entries today, with some days to spare too. I spent yesterday picking up the washes I needed to complete the builds, at my friend and fellow hobbyist Daryl's house. Ended up hanging around and waiting for other builders, the very talented Dennis Cruz and DS paints co-owner and modeler Chester Uy.  Notable stuff I learned while there was the application of the oil dot filter and a brush on filter, both of which I am pretty eager to try on future works (like my MG Gundam Ver.Ka).

Dennis also picked up some washes for his entry, and Chester meanwhile was working on his entry for our Noob Group Build  on the way home (around 10 in the evening) we ran into Voltaire Gaviola who was also going to get paint for finishing his own entry for GMKC 2014. I immediately went to work on mine, completing the panel wash for my V-gundam entry. Earlier this morning, I finished up on the panel wash for my Thunderbolt Full-Armor, which went on rather nicely. I'll upload full galleries after GMKC concludes, but for now, here's some black and white pics.

I tried keeping both of these clean, in contrast to my last two contest pieces which were weathered. I think it turned out pretty okay. I am especially satisfied with the camo attempt with the V-gundam, and as for the Thunderbolt? Eh, I'm glad it's done at least (lol). Hopefully I can get some input on my models after the contest to see what I can improve with my builds.

Anyway, now that these are done, I can move on with the group build thing I have with ED and Justinius Builds, as my relaxation work. Looking forward to finally painting the HGUC Alex I had set aside for a while  now.

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