Sunday, April 27, 2014

today was awesome.

crap, I just got home a while ago after picking up my entries from Mechapinoy's SaD (Shine and Dirt) Invitational contest.

Happy to announce that I brought home second place, and after seeing the first place winner I am kinda in awe of the piece (it was a 1/144 EX Model Magella tank, and it was a fantastic looking piece).

Happily my efforts in learning weathering paid off, and I'm definitely loving it more now (expect more dusty stuff from now on lol). I also got over my initial hesitation in joining competitions,  and after finding out who judged our work... I am still in a state of "wow".

I won an SD Quanta from the contest, as well as some free paint, and of course, the uber sweet trophy. I'll try harder next time and hope my luck keeps on going from this point on.

Thanks to Mehcapinoy, JMN's Hobby, Daryl Sprays, and AMMO by Mig Jimenez.

Special thanks to my teacher, Daryl Ayo for the tips and tricks, and my friends in the hobby for the constant motivation.


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