Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Nothing Much to report

This weekend has been fruitful for some of my gundam projects of late.
Managed to finish the first of four Victory Gundam kits I've bought, in a two-tone variaton of the standard colors. Now this frees me up to start another one in more military colors with a bit more detail in some areas. 

I also uploaded some gallery entries on Modelers-G and fg-Site for some other recently finished kits.

Jack Bayard's Custom GM:

(EDIT-12:32AM) Seems like Gundam Kits Collection also decided to feature my Jack the Halloween GM

All I can say? Really BIG thank you for validating my miniscule efforts in working at this hobby. :)))

And GM Sniper Kai:

The Sniper Kai has been getting some attention, it got featured on GunJap (by request, although amusingly Gunjap found the pics I posted on modelers-g before checking their email) and on Gundam Kits Collection (A day after gunjap, and quite a surprise to me).

Didn't quite think the Kai would get such a warm response, but this does motivate me to push more in my work, there's definitely a spark here for me to work with.

Meanwhile I'm also venturing back into micro plamo with this thing, The Wappa Recon Vehicle from MS IGLOO/Mobile Suit Gundam

Fun little freebie and was definitely refreshing to squeeze into my work schedule.

Thinking about it now I've amassed a few odds and ends in this scale (1/144), from sci-fi vehicles to airplanes, tanks, cars, and figures, that I think this requires a separate post in itself, I feel it would be great to catalogue stuff that I've come across in this scale, and collected due to either the scarcity of it or its potential for a diorama piece (something I'm planning in the long run. who knows, maybe this summer!).

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