Saturday, October 19, 2013

One Last Shot.

I figured I'd snap some pics of this guy before sending him off.

Really it was in a state of perpetual work in progress but the owner's leaving the country soon so I did the best I could. I leave the rest to his very capable painter. Anyway I think I took enough notes on this project to get started on ver.2 but I just need the passion for it again. RX units have been a bit exhausting as of late, but I still made room for one last RX-78-2 (for the meantime that is)

really had fun putting on the retro looking decals on the kit, plus the build itself was pretty relaxing, no real pressure put on myself unlike my last few builds which dealt with a lot of heavy kitbashing and refining.

Speaking of, I forgot to post up the link for the recently finished Ver.Ka 2:

Enjoy the full set of pics here. 

I guess that's a wrap for now. Still tons of backlog to go through and a new job coming by next month. I hope I still have time to build stuff. 

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