Wednesday, January 19, 2011

just a nugget

when it comes to all my personal projects, i find that thinking of all the work being done as fun actually makes me work better.

 And in doing things for the first time it becomes not like dragging your bike frustratingly slow up a steep hill, more like riding your bike down the hill at top speed, the wind in your face, and the awareness that while you freely roll and there is a chance you might injure yourself, there's still part of you that's conscious of all that's going on and can take control at the right moment, making sure you cross that finish line in one piece and feel pleased with your effort. 

i know most of the time you can't get it right at the first try, but that's what the practice is for, so that when you start something new again you do it with all those years of experience at your disposal, everything just falls into place, like it was second nature (and by then it will be), and yet whatever you do or make, it will still feel new to you, and it will be fun for you to accomplish.

with that said, i'm looking forward to whatever cool stuff i post this year, and whoever's out there reading this, i hope you enjoy our ride down the side of the hill...with no brakes. 

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