Sunday, January 2, 2011


so yeah a friend of mine made a blog for himself (read it, follow it if you like), and it'll be a window to his life,which mostly deals with things that also interest me like comics, toys, and life (i ease up a bit from posting the last one on this blog myself because i have a tendency to just whine, and i like to talk about myself like any self-respecting jerk would for hours upon end. no i do not deny this. and will flaunt  it in...)  but hey, yeah the purpose of  this post is because i have yet to have a great, eventful day in the year to talk about so let's talk about me getting 12 --identified--followers on this blog!


I am totally not comparing myself to Jesus. and i refrained from typing 'totally' in caps to keep from coming out as sarcastic.

but woooo anyway.

so a new year, then? let's have a good one!


spiderdashman said...


Happy New Year! You are now one step closer to being the next _____. Or _____. Hahaha

Miko Matsing said...

savior of X!