Saturday, November 13, 2010


okay, my hand has been feeling better as of late, and to get it into top kitbash condition for when it's fully healed i decided to try something a bit new to me. some months back i posted about snaggging a blank microman material force micro lady figure well i decided to see if i can do a custom from it. so this past week, every night i've been working on sculpting over the blank body and i'm close to finishing the headsculpt. fuck. i am a total noob when it comes to scratch sculpting faces (especially on a surface only 1.2cm big) and half-managed to make the face, well... decent.


there will be just a bit more to smooth out and retouch but this is as far as my current skill set can muster for now. currently building up the chest, and i plan to do the hair and more detailing next week.

 this custom will be based on a character from an old cartoon, but i'm thinking of withholding the identity until i make it more recognizable.  overall i'm enjoying the process, despite how slow it is, because it allows me time to think through and plan the rest of the figure.

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