Sunday, September 5, 2010

S.I.C.ness begins.

okay i was in the market for getting SIC KT Wild Chalice (which was in stock at the store) but they also had Faiz.

do not be fooled by the packaging.
he's not Momotaros IMAGIN.

i was not expecting to find this guy since i checked the store's online inventory earlier and he was not on the list but wow. instabuy. and i was not disappointed. he is my first foray into the SIC mini dudes and maybe my last (i'll explain why in a bit)

this is what killed him to me.

good articulation, fairly detailed and well done paintjob, very intricate sculpt. he'd be an instant 10 if he wasn't so damn huge compared to the rest of my 1:18 collection. eeh. i probably might have been better off with chalice and justify him as a monster rider. 

but i still love you, Faiz.


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