Sunday, September 19, 2010

a new show to talk about

I've always been a fan of the works of Genndy Tartakovsky, Dexter's Laboratory, The Clone Wars (2D) animated shorts, Samurai Jack and now this:

now his new show, Sym-Bionic Titan is chock-full of nods to the classic animation of the mecha genre, as well as the old toku shows (the look of Lance Lunis, the male protagonist is reminiscent of so many of the male leads of shows like Daimos, Voltes V or Mazinger Z). inserted in between is the story of three refugees from a lost planet trying to blend into Earth culture, evading the local Alien hunting agency, the local military, and the monster army that took over their home planet, and now are set on eliminating the only link to the royal family of that planet (princess Ilana Lunis) one of the main characters. then of course there's Tartakovsky's trademark cinematic action sequences that I love about his work. it's mainly a  fresh take on old robot cartoons, it's nostalgia-fueled, fun and cheeky in some parts and i'm looking forward to more.

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