Sunday, August 1, 2010


another two-fer for you folks tonight,  here's a review of the Iron Man 2 Comic Series Silver Centurion and Iron Monger figures.

first off let's look at the big bad of this wave, the Comic Series Iron Monger:

let me say this could be the heaviest piece of 3-inch plastic i've held yet, absolutely heavy piece and freaky huge too.

despite being a retool of the Hulkbuster in the earlier waves he outdoes the original mold in so many ways.

aside from the aforementioned size of this thing he also makes better use of the mold in terms of articulation. the joints are more exposed to wider movement and not tightened.

 he can pull off some mean body-flexing

and his mold is convincingly comic accurate in look, as well as feel. he's just one metal hulking behemoth.
paintwise he's already molded in his final colors and the splattered inkwash really gives him a good amount of "evil" as well as brings out his fantastic mold details.

next up is the Silver Centurion:

while not having many eye-catching details as the Monger, this one sports a classic, sleek look. recent exposure as an unlockable armor in most new iron Man games made this figure instantly recognizable offhand. 
immediately noticeable is his use of 80% of the Neo-Classic armor from an earlier wave, though in this case it's very fitting. what takes that realization away is how sharp the new parts on him are. from the shoulder and collar armor,

to his backpack, the remold use is excusable and very effective in my opinion.  and like the monger, he can pull some good poses better than the original mold as well

what i definitely like about him is his face. while minimal details are common in the early armors( eye and mouth slits) this one has raised brows and a scowl which gives this figure more of a dramatic personality.

(as it should be, seeing as his debut was the culmination of a tragic story-arc in the life of tony stark, this armor had more human quality)

paintwise, i think he's one of the more well-done figures, as many of his make have little to no sloppy detailing at all, and the silver is simply so very shiny and clean.

he comes with his blast effect,

and both figures have stands and armor cards.

overall, in regards to the Iron Monger:
big bulk with a decent range of movement and an intimidating aesthetic, definitely a figure to get for your armory. and the plastic is well worth the money. a 9 out of 10.

and the Silver Centurion:
a bit underrated as a retail figure, though a hidden Gem once you get to play with him he's a fun figure to pose with as well as the perfect partner to your Iron Monger, and probably the cleanest, sleekest figure to be done yet in the line, he's a good 8 out of 10.

till next time, fans!

-Eisen 2010

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