Saturday, August 28, 2010

adventure time!

i see them every convention but i always wondered where their main store was. at last after some careful snooping i uncovered the place. sadly the owner was out so i couldn't get to check and buy the stuff i wanted. i got their store number though so i'll be by there again this week.

oh lord, it's weeaboo heaven!

the room. how i wanted to move in.


abandoned gasha machines. i want some :<

bins. nothing interesting (to me) though.

i think i see some mini 4wd circuit tracks there.


some soundtrack records.




ohohohoho yes.


I actually wanted to get this...

well though my visit was fruitless, at least i know where the place is located now. yeah!

had my lunch at the Penut Butter Company place in SM North:


ordered the roast beef sandwich (which had some penut butter inside. heh) twas' good but what i enjoyed most was a beverage i haven't had since High School:

it was a good saturday lunch out. yes.

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Emperor.Kaizer. said...

Mikko Earl here, where is their store? Sama ako next time you check them out ha?