Monday, May 10, 2010

Iron Man and War Machine




/90's intro.

so hey, 2 for 1 post!

Iron Man :is a mix of the Mark 6 and 3, painted to resemble the deco of the old Modular Armor of the 90's my primary concern with him was to have a set out with the "armor upgrade" line of toys but seeing as the prices are a bit prohibitive for me as of now i'll wait, or i'll wait for more in that line:

War Machine: since the original (in all his variants save the HoA one) is so hard to come by here, thanks to scalpers, i resorted to painting a chinese test-shot i bought in a recent convention, thank God it was only missing the guns. those were replaced with pieces from my mechwarrior figurines, and since this was molded in black it made painting easier:

thanks for lookin!

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