Thursday, May 13, 2010

Beware the Bee-keepers! (Hammerfiles AIM agent)

hey it's those guys! 

Hasbro graces us with another army builder, this time it's from A.I.M. (Advanced Idea Mechanics) from wave three of their Marvel Universe Hammerfiles series figures. The AIM agent is one of the more obscure expendable characters, but perhaps the most visually...striking(?) ones ever designed! Often ridiculed with the nickname "Bee Keepers" (let's face it they DO look like they work in a bee farm) but don't be fooled, each one of these guys have at least one Ph.D and are trained to fight competently however well "competently" goes in the marvel universe is up to you to judge.Basically,each of them went to the chess club in high school and got bullied for it,  and used that pent-up rage to work for an organization that covertly schemes to rule the world in one way or the other. Gotta say I'm really warming up to the design.

First off, this guy has a new body design (at least to my eyes) though one can get some mileage with this type. A fellow collector suggested he would make a good Ghost Rider (and he did). Though part of me still wishes ol' Vengance head was a new mold. 

He's molded in yellow plastic with a sepia(?) paint wash and black details like the boots  and collar, both of which are painted.  the other stuff that breaks the monotony are the eye visors/screens and the somewhat gold belt. His weapons and bandolier are molded in black, and the weapons have neon green wash and detailing. 

 I applaud the special attention with the details, the drybrushing and highlighting in particular. Paint quality is top notch since he's pretty much molded into his color scheme to begin with, but watch out for splotches or scuffs, primarily in the head area and the boots.

As mentioned before his accessories include his bandolier, his SCIENCE GUN! And his SCIENCE CANNON! As well as his stand labeled with his name and wave number.

Articulation wise he has a pretty wide range of movement, sporting 26 points of articulation, though some of them are hindered by the sculpt and accessories. his belt for example blocks his waist twisting and his biceps keep his free arm from supporting the other arm holding his SCIENCE! cannon.

Though he can sport other poses that are very suave for secret agent-types:

What's more is the joints on mine are tight and can hold poses like so:

Though his legs tend to pop off at the hips (this has become one of the defining traits of the line), it's not as bad as some figures.

All in all I give this figure a 7 out of 10.

He's not very known or wanted (unless you army build) so you have a good chance of nabbing him. Though not as detailed as some figures, his simple design is part of his charm. Plus he comes with cool looking weapons and not the so-and-so (read: unconvincing) blast effects or doo-dads. Though I'd put him below the figures who come with pets. He's the first use of his sculpt so he's pretty fresh.

And he keeps Deadpool very happy. I'm game to buy more of these guys.


Eisen/ Miko Tizon 


Dr Syn said...

I just got my first BEEKEEPER figure.

Gonna need a few more now, FOR SCIENCE.

It's a wonderful mold with all the right joints that should be the bare minimum in 1/18 figures.

Miko Matsing said...

Good lord, just looked at this review again. I gotta revise it.