Thursday, April 22, 2010

Small Scale stuff

you know the Marvel Handful of Heroes pack isn't so bad, save for the disproportionate sculpts they do but i like how detailed they are regardless, it's one of those things that seem like crap at first but once you experiment with it it's alright.

naturally i painted up the line's Iron Man figurine. i was lucky enough to get the modern armor version,

in retrospect this was a good exercise in precision, granted i need more practice, but it felt great doing this,
kinda like painting your own heroclix figures.


Rembrant Sy said...

the handful of heroes line, despite proportion issues, do have lotsa details that are just waiting to be exploited. kudos to the small scale paintjob!

Miko Matsing said...

cheers dude, some sculpts are done like statues, i like one i got of spider-man perched on a gargoyle head
cool stuff!