Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Love Me Nice is niiiice!

i recently came across a very cool webcomic:

Love Me Nice is a comic by the talented (i checked her portfolio, and it's all sweet work) Amanda LaFrenais, that deals with the relationship of 'toon star Mac Jr. and his Manager/Girlfriend Claire. Mac lives the life of a superstar toon, following in the footsteps of his father, Mac. Sr, while trying to keep his relationship afloat with Claire who--despite Mac not feeling it--works very hard to take care of his image. recently she's also become the manager of Mac's Co-star, Carolina, who had a crush on Mac (for advantageous reasons...and got a boob job because of him), and is now acting as a "life coach" to her.

the plot is just unraveling and it's very recent, going online October of last year, but i can tell a lot of planning went into this wonderful read, the art is really fresh and detailed, and it has that feel of cartoon sexiness i can compare to Rockin' Jellybean or old sexy comic pinups, which is a style i can really dig. it' cute, and quirky but has a good amount of dramatic tension between characters, and is a rather welcome tale about showbiz and reaching your dreams. but of course at the very heart of it is two toons in love, and like the comic's premise goes, people do a lot of crazy things when they're in love

you can check it all out here:

i know i'm hooked!

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