Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wreckers Rollcall: Impactor

when the autobots are in a tight situation they can always count on the Elite Guard to be there as the shining beacons of hope for the battle, the best of the best who by their presence can turn the tide of any battle. but when the best are not enough there is only one team that can do what no other autobot/s can. 
enter the Wreckers. an elite force of Autobots who range from the strategically brilliant to the downright brutal, they are an amalgam of military specialists and triggerhappy maniacs called upon to accomplish the seemingly impossible missions. the first team was assembled under the command of Emirate Xaaron and led by the charismatic Impactor mainly as a shadow-ops team that accomplished assassination and sabotage within the Decepticon ranks. their existence as a team was not recognized up until Operation: Volcano, where they fought against several of the then strongest Decepticon generals. one of them was Straxus. and while they managed to drive them back the Wreckers were not without their losses, half of the original team were terminated (Impactor included) in the battle and those left standing were in no shape to fight for a while. and so they gained the reputation of being one of the most fearless fighters for the autobot cause, at the same time the deadliest to even join. this was passed on to the succeeding generation of Wreckers, who are now led by the Triplechanger Springer, and trained and managed by former Elite Guard officer, Kup.

"To be a Wrecker is to have a Deathwish." ~Impactor

Impactor was the leader of the team and considered to be THE Wrecker. Brave, efficient, and practical, Impactor had no real fear of deactivation and was fiercely loyal to his troops. he likes to fight up close and personal and will see a mission to the very end. though this tenacity often costs him a servo (literally!) and an optic, Impactor soldiers on, determined to stomp down any threat to the Autobot cause. he lost his right arm in one of his early missions but instead of having it replaced with a fully functional hand he chose to outfit it with a melee hook/spike attachment to remind him of how unforgiving war can be and to strike fear into his enemies. while he does use ranged weapons from time to time, his shoulder-mounted charged particle cannon is seldom used, mostly because of the destructive power it wields. upon using it against Straxus and his warriors during Operation: Volcano, it was able to cripple the 1,00 strong Decepticon force into 400 combatants, evening out the battle in favor of the Autobots. when asked by fellow Wrecker Roadbuster as to what sort of weapon was that, Impactor simply replied; "oh, this? it's illegal". truly a force to be reckoned with, he led the Wreckers into one victory after another until his eventual fall at the hands of Straxus but not before the latter was knocked into stasis lock.  

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