Thursday, July 3, 2014


I want to make more of these things.

I recently purchased some 2" figures of Godzilla made my NECA/WizKids. These things are tiny but unbelievably well-sculpted for their size, and the classic Gojis are a tad lacking in the paint department for it to really show.

So I decided to work on these for the past weekend, by cleaning up the mold lines a bit and giving them a repaint but I found myself planning mini-display dioramas for them as well.

It's basically one of those P88 / 100 yen display cases for gashapon figures they sell at japanese discount stores, with groundwork made of styrofoam and layers of epoxy putty to make the hills. 

The figures itself went through roughtly three stages of painting. I kinda worked it out on the 6" vinyl figure and tried applying the same concept. I started with a green instead of going asphalt gray, then darkened it with layers of enamel wash, then a second coat on selected areas with a darker green.

I think the final painted result somewhat matches the usual gray of the design anyway so I'm happy with it, and all that was left was painting the details.

I applied primer to the base afterwards, and was kind of glad it looked like a natural-ish hill.

All that was painting the groundwork and adding flock for vegetation. I clumped up layers together with glue to make "trees". Which I think fit the scale (despite the lack of it)

The grass I used was too bright green, perfect for 1/144 or larger so I still had to dull down parts of the vegetation with faded earth-green to make variation in the landscape.

Anyway, here's the completed scene below:

And here it is with the acrylic display case added. The atomic breath accessory is removable by the way, allowing me to present 1954 Goji rising from a hill or just seconds from searing it with atomic breath.

I like these figures and it's pretty likely I'll make more dioramas in the same format when I buy the display cases and the actual figures.

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