Monday, December 30, 2013


A very late Christmas gift

Been noticing how infrequent I've been with updating this blog.
(about 1-2 entries per month now)

I have been a bit busy honestly, I've found work last August as a desk monkey until I was cleared for a part-time teaching position at a local university (good thing I had the required amount of MA units--considering my graduate studies are still ongoing) this November, which has been taking up part of my time with research, lecturing, assigning and checking activities and papers for about four sections of college sophomores. Though I'm predicting I'll only be able to teach this one semester then stop (likely for political and practical reasons) for the meantime as I finish my masters. I might write more about my job if I don't feel as run-down after every work day. And then talk about my inevitable departure from said job....and god willing, my new job. Lord knows I'd hate to be a NEET for more than a month or two.

Then the other half of my time is consumed by my hobby. Plamo has been a big thing to me this year and I've been jumping around to different areas of it from building, painting and customizing (which I've always been more attracted to) and very recently I've begun shifting--or planning to shift--to different genres of plamo as well. Next year I intend to go through my backlog of aircraft kits, and maybe try my hand at armor scale modelling. 

Although admittedly, doing the research on specific service variants is daunting, so much more than researching fictional giant robots. And then there's anime figure kits like the Hoihoi-san kits (with PEST-X pictured at the very start and end of this post), which have specific challenges themselves. I've been building quite a lot of stuff and finishing (by this I mean a full paintjob and/or modification of) very few.

which brings me to not making any time to just sit down and write on this blog. I don't feel as motivated to working on my hobby and working on work AND telling people about it by writing long, well thought out posts. I'm actually much more comfortable just derping around on facebook in real time.

Which I think I should do less of. Perhaps it might be time for me to do something like a weekly recap of my shenanigans at least, maybe I can bump up the posts here from 1-2 a month to at least 4 (which is like one post per week).

That sounds like an interesting goal for 2014. To post more stuff here.

Yeah, let's give that a shot. Oh! and have a murderfaced adorable robot girl picture at the bottom for your troubles!


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