Saturday, February 23, 2013

AGE-1 Spallow (Dragon Momoko)

I recently purchased 2 of this kit while visiting Divisoria, One with the intention of kitbashing with an Adele, and the other to build as-is. It's been mentioned on the internet before that this particular bootleg line has made adjustments to each of the AGE-1 kits released, the best examples are the RAZOR and SPALLOW that we have here. 

One of the best features are the additional weapons for customization that were taken from other kits (HG Astraea-F, HGUC Zee-Zulu, and MG Blue Frame). As well as new parts  such as the sharper looking face,  heel blades, the forearm and shoulder adaptors, an adaptor for the claw weapon to be used for the AGE-1 Normal, new open hands which include a hole for a wire-rig thing, and clear parts for all his weapons (except the shoulder knives). It also comes with un-modded parts so you can build the spallow in a similar way to the original Bandai kit. 

overall, it's a great kit, easily of better quality than most bootlegs, suffering only from fit problems with the head parts and the polycaps in the torso. 

I immediately found a repaint use for this extra spallow, by doing a Shadow of G homage. Had to mod the face and the chest plate though lol. 

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