Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ramblings of Toycon

Okay, TOYCON season has come and gone. 

I'll be honest here and say it wasn't all that fun for me. It isn't the convention itself, but well... a lot of things. You have a lot of stuff to look at, things you want to buy and people you want to take pictures of, but how do you find the time? There's this need to have as much fun as you should but on a limited budget and being with a group, you're very limited. 

"Don't bother looking for something you've been looking for because someone may have already beat you to it." 

It is fun though that you get to bump into people you haven't seen in a while, and meet new people as well, then there is the aspect of getting your picture next to a cosplayer with a really nice...

(Yes. I am holding my nuts in place. )

...Zoids Savinga model in her hands. 

When everyone is dead set to have fun, it's difficult to have fun. I don't know, that's just me. 

Overcrowded with people who can't be bothered to politely move about, and at other times feel the need to cause traffic by having their picture taken in the middle of a walkway or an exit (something that could be avoided by having a designated area for them, and I think they did, but just chose to ignore that fact and just be dicks.). 

Plus, if you aren't careful you might step on the kiddie cosplayers.

Though I think she might be able to hold her own in the frontal assault of neckbeards. 

This is the convention you are faced with. It's not for the weak of heart, but for the "makapal ang mukha" and there are a lot of them.  And they had fun.

Which I guess is the secret to enjoying a convention like this. You just have to drown things out, act like this convention is there for you and you alone. That when you get home you might not have a whole lot of shit bought but you took a lot of pictures of yourself with women you don't know and may not even meet again until the next convention.  If you're lucky you might even chat a bit. 

Don't think about it. Just be there, pretend it's your first convention. Act like a completely awestruck stranger.

I can't. I didn't. 

The promise of a good convention fades, the more you attend them, and it just ends up as a really big garage sale or a trip to Greenhills with thrice the hassle. 

I don't feel like I should bother getting pics, it all just looks the same as last year. 

Hell I had even more fun the night before the convention than the convention itself.

Look at all that free space, all that legroom. All those toys set to be sold the day after.

I actually enjoyed walking around this, than opening day (and part of me is filled with regret for not taking advantage of the early bird privileges). 

I didn't enjoy the event but I did enjoy talking and working with the people involved. Man, they really wanted to put up a show.

And I think it was worth it. 

This is what I stayed around for really, even if my participation was minimal at best it sure beat the hell out of just showing up when everything is all set.

It was about making sure everyone else could have a good time.

So thanks Toycon people, I guess. 

The main days weren't a total bust I suppose, got handed some potential creative opportunities, reinforced some old connections, even--for the third year in a row-- managed to find a nice Microman find!
It's like I won my old high school intramurals. ALL OF THEM. 

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Anonymous said...

and the ironic part for me was i had to take a trip to Greenhills from Toycon during Sunday coz i was meeting a friend there for a toy deal, and he didn't want to show up in Megamall coz twas a helluva hassle.