Wednesday, May 30, 2012

All Because of A Broken Peg

Ah, accidents provide me a good motivation to experiment.

You see, today I got the 25th "Comic Pack" Firefly figure (the one that comes with the Devil's Due styled Stormshadow) and found out that the peg connecting his backpack was snapped off during shipment. Well the seller was nice enough to hook me up with some other parts and custom fodder, but this got me to thinking. You see I like his gear, and I want to keep it but how do I repair the damage?

My options were to buy another Firefly (which, really I'll friggin do before the end of the month :P ), repair the peg, or try something different.

I tried doing "soft-goods" straps for the backpack, and consequently, the HKMP5. 

The tactical single point sling was easy enough if not a bit cumbersome looking but I enjoyed it nonetheless. It's functional, and looks decent on Firefly plus the elastic garter means I can have it tight on the figure when he wears it and it won't come off.  This actually served as the practice round for something more complicated:

The straps to his sabotage kit. Armed only with a length of leather string, some superglue and a bag of tiny chain/earring links I set about making the straps.

I wanted to actually have the straps be adjustable and it does feature a working buckle system that fastens it onto the figure. And the buckles actually do go up and down on the shoulder straps, so in theory, it can be worn on almost any Joe figure.

I think it worked well enough on the Viper, at least. Now he can go on his own Sabo-Tours!

I definitely had fun doing this, and I think I'll be refining and utilizing this feature on my next few customs. Hell, it beats having to hunt down a figure with a side holster already molded into their legs. Now I can make my own.

Harnesses, Webgear, Slings, Holsters... The possibilities are endless.

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