Sunday, January 1, 2012

First post for the new year, managed to get some stuff while on my short vacation:

Through sheer luck i was able to find this Yujin Briareos figure(same line from where I got Deunan), and now my Deunan has her husbando. Since the neck joint didn't really help keep the head in place I got rid of it and replaced it with a cut revoljoint. Also in the picture is the current status of my Motoko Kusanagi custom, which is almost finished in terms of sculpting (just the detail on the other boot now).

The other thing that I bought but not for myself is this:

Was quite surprised at finding this, the molding quality of the bootleg is remarkably good, the print of the instructions  is well done too.  Got this for a friend though who still hasn't bought  one, but wants it pretty bad. Makes me wonder if there's a Deathsaurer kit bootleg out there as well. 

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