Wednesday, December 7, 2011

One small step for me.

Had to happen sometime. I've been practicing this for over a week, and I think I'm getting the hang of  resin recasting, using cheap RTV silicone caulk from tubes for making molds, and using Easycast Epoxy Resin (which is nice and flexible making it an ideal material for stuff like this) for the actual casts.

I'm starting small and reproducing extra parts. particularly, I recast Kaixa's fist so that Faiz would finally have a pair for himself. In the pic above you can see the results of the project, with the original placed next to the resin recast and in turn being placed next to another recast set that I resculpted a little to make it look different from the Kaixa set. 

The recasts are surprisingly a good fit, nice and snug and what's great about it is, as I've mentioned the material is flexible and can withstand a good amount of bend and pull without deforming or tearing. If I could try and describe how the material feels it's almost like pvc, which is great since the majority of the figure itself is PVC too. 

now here's the other resin fist set that I modified, raising the 'photon blood' vessels on the hand and making the fingers themselves rounder and less claw-like. After that was done all that was left was a quick paintjob and viola!

Now Faiz has three sets of hands (Still need to make a bit more for riotroopers and the hand armed with a faiz shot). next to him is my modified Kaixa, with replacement torso joint and brightened eyes.

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