Sunday, July 24, 2011


I first saw the modification here a few months back. And I really liked it. so after I did the thigh mods for chun-li I immediately began looking for replacement gashapon heads to use. Came across a few, didn't like most. Finally, today I was able to track down a set of Capcom Gals Collection series 2 at a local toy store,and with the help of a friend I bought it (and now owe him something around 20 bucks but hell I don't care, ALTERNATE HEADS!).

seriously I love this new head for the figure. just the right size, sharper features, sure the expression seems generic, and she could use her trademark eyeshadow but overall i'm happy.also the original statue came with this effect part:
i need more effect parts.
just as well, I did a mod for sakura too, using the other statue of her in the set:
not as enthusiastic about it, but hey it has character!

unexpectedly I also ended up with a lilith figure, (albeit a scoolgirl one)

can you say microcephaly?
man I need to find a smaller body for dat lilith.

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