Monday, December 13, 2010

100% unicron free

putting this down here so i won't forget but i posted a mod for brakedown yesterday and n ow i feel like planning for a menasor custom. what i thought was this,
  1. the combiner team is made of one voyager core robot, two deluxe arms (to accommodate dragstrip) or maybe have the core robot a deluxe as well (thanks kris) and scouts as the feet (to accomodate ROTF brakedown)
  2. most of the combiner kibble should be part of the trailer system so nothing is left hanging. that and the parts need to be integrated not just as cars on ramps but be integrated in the whole robot. 
  3.  absolutely NO PRIMUS/ UNICRON  PARTS.  

raaaaarh i am now available on ebay for billions!

so 3 regular cars and two mini-cars (thank cheezus mini lambos and other models exist for reals!). yeah that's pretty varied. i won't be surprised if the end result looks ogre/ape-like. i think i'll go for it like that.

just setting down these ground rules to guide me when i finally do this.


Kris said...

Would be more challenging if added "no stiff limbs"

Miko Matsing said...

oh i intend to give him a good range of movement, i want him to be lumbering and monstrous. :3