Monday, March 1, 2010

secret cool place

those who know me know that i frequent a site dedicated to customized toys,  specifically customized transformers figures. you know, transformers? toy cars and planes that turn into these lame robots? who would want to buy those right? ahahahaha.

seriously i love these things, they may seem like kids stuff for most people but i've seen guys put a lot of love and care into what they make out of these "kids toys" some are pretty badass, like this one here. or this one. but there is definitely a bit more awesome stuff to be found. i'll tell you i've been nothing but inspired since i found that site almost two years back, and honestly what's not to like over there? good place, good people. not a single huge ego to be found over there, because these guys let their work speak for them. 

i'm still miles away from catching up to the best of the best over at Sector 70, but i'm not discouraged in what i do one bit, mostly because aside from being inspired by the dudes there i'm encouraged by them to do what i do. so it's refreshing when i go on over to the customs galleries to see the stuff that got me started and keeps me going in this hobby. if i had to list down my top favorites, they would be:

and that's just the stuff from the stuff from the top of my head. give the link below a visit if that got you interested. i promise you won't be disappointed with the stuff you see. ;)

the Sector 70 galleries

cheers dudes!

~ Eisen

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