Wednesday, October 28, 2009

family stuff

started with fresh new supplies and mixed up some paint to finally take a crack at this. i don't care much for the mainline movie toys like bee, but i do buy some that look like they fit into the classics/universe aesthetic or just look plain wacky (refer to the banner on the top of my blog). anyhow this was a request of my little bro. actually all he wanted was for the hands to be silver. instead i'm going to paint up and detail the robot bits to look metallic while leaving the Camaro colors of the car alone...

the y recieved a good basecoat of dull black, then i went over it with GW Mithril Silver drybrushing.

i had to mix up some paints to make sure the yellow i paint on is close to the base plastic color. i could have avoided this with just paintmasking off the parts but i'm not really that cool with cutting and sticking templates of masking tape on them so here's the results so far:


on the left you have the unpainted shoulder left in the plastic color, and on the right you have the painted, nacho-cheesy colored head of bumblebee.


...this might take a while.

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